What is included in JICREG?

There are 648 newspapers 479 websites reported on the JICREG database.

For a local website to be included on JICREG it must be produced by a publisher who has audited the top 10 or 10% of websites, and can produce an average monthly unique browser figure every six months. The websites must also be listed on the Local Media Works database and linked to one or more local newspapers.

Reporting on a range of titles in terms of geography and distribution size JICREG has a unique set of challenges and has adapted to meet these with innovative and credible solutions. In 2009 JICREG was the first industry currency to report a total audience figure across print and online and developed a ground breaking partnership with the National Readership Survey (now PAMCo/AMPs) in 2013. Details of both of these are outlined in methodology.

JICREG audience data are available at http://www.jicregonline.co.uk


Who uses JICREG and why?

Launched in 1990 JICREG provides a transparent accountable currency for planning and buying advertising campaigns in local media. Each week around 600 users access the data electronically, running over 100,000 reports a year, as well as being used by all major publishers it is used by all the top 20 communication agencies in the UK.

How does a title get included on JICREG?

To be included on JICREG a print title must have an audited circulation figure, ABC is the preferred auditor although other audited figures are accepted if they comply with JICREG audit guidelines (see documents for an outline of these). A title must be published at least weekly and also be a member of the News Media Association and listed on the Local Media Works database.