Audiences & Using The Data

Audiences by Category:

There are 661 titles on the JICREG database and the relevant readers per copy figure is attached to the distribution by type at postcode sector level.


There are 78 daily titles included on JICREG online, they have an average readers per copy of 2.9.

Paid Sunday

There are 12 Sunday titles (9 paid/ 3 free) included on JICREG online, the paid Sundays have an average readers per copy of 3.1. The 3 free Sunday titles have the free weekly readers per copy applied (see below).

Paid Weeklies

There are 321 paid weeklies included on JICREG Online, the average readers per copy is 3.0.

Free Weekly Pick-Up Copies

There are 11 free weekly titles, there is no readership model for these so they receive a readers per copy of 1.

Mixed Distribution Weeklies

There are 64 weekly titles with mixed distribution and the RPC is applied at postcode sector level according to the distribution type, e.g. paid, free or pick up.