Access & training

How do I access the data?

Audience information on local media can be accessed via JICREG online

Video Guides

We've put together video guides on both the benefits of the system and how to get the most out of it.:

Free access

Audience data at a basic level is available free of charge and allows analysis by: Location Single newspaper/ website County Commercial radio/TV areas Registrar general area Local government area

Premium access

For subscribers, far more detailed analysis is available: Detailed demographic data Analysis by postcode sector (minimum of 3 postcode sectors) Link the system to other software packages Mapping, drive time and paper coverage areas Campaign analysis, reach & frequency of local media campaigns For subscribers, training in use of the system is available free of charge.

To find out how to subscribe contact or I'll add examples of the analysis from the reporting tool here's A guide on using JICREG online is available in the document section.