What is included in JICREG?

JICREG (Joint industry Currency for Regional Media Research) is the trading currency for local media in Great Britain. As a ‘JIC’ it has representation on the board and technical committee from advertisers, agencies and publishers. This guarantees its objectivity as a trusted and transparent audience measurement system.

There are 520 local daily and weekly newsbrands reported within the JICREG database and it is updated twice a year (April and October). There are 71 daily titles and 449 weekly titles covering Great Britain.

For a newsbrand to be reported on JICREG it must have its print circulation audited and its websites tagged by comScore, the titles must also appear on the Local Media Works database.

The data can be analysed by 56 demographics by title to postcode sector level.



Who uses JICREG and why?

Launched in 1990 JICREG provides a trusted, transparent and accountable currency for trading advertising in local media. Each month over a thousand users access the data through JICREG Online running over 100,000 reports. As well as major publishers JICREG is used by all the top 20 communications agencies in Great Britain.

How does a title get included on JICREG?

To be included on JICREG the print title must have an audited circulation figure, ABC is the preferred auditor although other auditors are accepted if they comply with JICREG audit guidelines (see documents for an outline of these). A title must be published at least weekly and also be a member of the News Media Association and listed within the Local Media Works database.